Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Skyline Reply!

When the CEO reads your letter and pens a real response, with a real signature, I don't care how short it is. Great reply.

Note* This is really quite hilarious. Of course, posting the image failed, so I converted it to a pdf and loaded it on this Scribd website to embed it on Blogger. Naturally, although the pdf file is fine and I've checked it five times now, it is somehow askew when embedded here. The Correspondent - 0, The Internet - 28. Fortunately you can still read it. Just pretend you're trying to read it while there's an earthquake going on.

Skyline Letter


Skyline 2


Anonymous said...

Truly awesome that he actually wrote back himself, rather than pawn it off on a lackey. Also, it's remarkably prompt.

Tom said...

The CEO actually wrote back to you. Are you getting any free coupons from this?